Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh! Possum

Source: sgbrown
This is what hubby found yesterday while we were looking for our Christmas decorations in the barn!  This is the inside of a large cardboard box.  I had forgotten that I had put some old silk flowers and other "artsy fartsy" stuff in this box.  I had intended on making some flower arrangements with them.  There was also this white  plastic tote bag that I had some old rags in.   "Possy" here, decided that the nice soft rags in the bag would make a good home for the winter!
There was a card table on top of this box.  When Johnny moved the card table, he jumped back and said, "Oh my God!  There is the biggest rat I have ever seen in this box!   (He knows how much I HATE RATS!)  I jumped back about 10 feet and told him to get it out of the barn! Then he took the table off again and I was expecting to see this huge rat run out of the box, but nothing happened.
So now I am thinking that he is joking and there is nothing in the box, so I slowly creep over and peek into the box.  I see what I think is an old Halloween costume, with fur on it.  Yeah, about that time it moved and I came unglued! 
When I realized it was just a opossum, I told him not to let it get out until I went and got my camera.  I ran to the house and back and caught this picture. Johnny then grabbed it by the tail and took it out to the woods.  Of course, before he ran off, he had to "play possum" for a little while and I took a few more pictures.