Thursday, September 10, 2015

Does This Guinea Think he is a Turkey?

A guinea traveling with wild turkey.

The other morning as hubby and I were having breakfast, we notice a rafter of turkey passing through the front yard, but there was something unusual about this group of turkey. As we looked closer, we noticed there was a guinea in the group. 

I couldn’t resist, I had to get a picture of this unusual sight! We had to wonder why this guinea was traveling with a group of wild turkey. Perhaps, the turkey wandered through his “neck of the woods” and he thought traveling with them would be an adventure. 

Whatever the reason is, the guinea has remained with the turkey for several days now. We continue to see them pass through our yard either of a morning or in the evening. I wonder if the guinea knows he is a guinea and not a turkey. I wonder what the turkey think about him. 

The turkey don’t seem to mind the guinea in their group. As a matter of fact, he is usually right up in front with the leader of “the pack”. I wonder how long he will stay with the turkey and will he find a turkey mate? Hmmm, what would you call any offspring, a turguinea? 

I am anxious to see how long he, or she stays with the turkey!

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