Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Deer Season Opens Here Today

Black Powder Season Begins Today
Buck in Fall
Source: sgbrown

Well, black powder season begins today and hubby left at 6:30 am this morning to see if we can get some venison to put in the freezer.  We have white-tail deer here in Southern Oklahoma and deer hunting is a necessity in order to keep the population under control.  Too many deer in the same location causes a shortage of food and unhealthy deer.  When you have unhealthy deer, disease becomes a problem within the herds. 

Year before last we had so many deer in this area, driving down the road became very dangerous. Early in the morning when most people are going off to work, and are usually running late, there were many deer crossing the roads and being hit by cars.  Late of an evening was just as bad, if not worse.  Deer tend to forage just after dawn and around dusk until after dark.  We saw too many deer laying beside the road after being hit by cars.  It was really quite sad.  Several years ago, our daughter wrecked her car while on her way to school, trying to avoid hitting a deer.  She was alright and her car was repairable, but it could have been very bad as her car almost went into a creek.  

The past 2 years, Southern Oklahoma and North Texas,  have been in a terrible drought over the summer months.  I am sure that the drought has affected the deer population here, as we have not seen as many deer as we normally do. The summer of 2010, I had deer drinking from my birdbaths that were so skinny, their ribs were showing. 

I love the deer and I could never shoot one, but I know that hubby chooses the deer he takes carefully and would never shoot a doe with a fawn or a young deer. I also know that deer meat is much healthier than the beef we would otherwise have to buy at the grocery store.  Having venison in the freezer is not just handy, but very economical too.  I probably save hundred of dollars every year not having to buy round steak or hamburger at the store, so it is a good way to really save on my grocery bill. Having those little white packages in the freezer is like having money in the bank!

Well, here is hoping that hubby gets a large buck with huge antlers to make him proud, and fill my freezer with healthy meat. If you would like to check out some of my quick and easy venison recipes, click on this link. Fast and Easy Venison Recipes 

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