Saturday, February 28, 2015

Nature at It's Finest!

Photo source: sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography

As I was going through some pictures earlier today, I came across this one. I took this picture this past summer while hubby and I were driving down to Lake Scott King. It was just about sunset and the landscape had a golden glow. As we rounded a corner, we spotted this beautiful white tail doe and her fawn grazing in the meadow. 

I was hoping to see something to take a picture of, so I had my camera handy. As hubby stopped the car, the two of them looked up just in time for me to get a couple of pictures. Look at that little fawn, isn't it just adorable with those ears all perked up! I was able to take a couple of pictures before mama and baby wandered off back into the woods, this one was the best. 

I have just created a picture canvas of this on Zazzle. I am a little nervous about how it will sell. It is a large wrapped canvas, 36" x 24". I haven't created one this large before, so I hope it sells well! I am really tempted to order it myself! If you really like the picture, you can order smaller sizes and if you would like this on a coffee mug, mouse pad or something else, I will be creating those very soon!


  1. I always lover your pictures on Bubblews and here.

    1. Thank you so much Mel! I appreciate your visit and kind comment so much! Have a wonderful day, my friend!