Monday, February 18, 2013

Are You Tired of Feeding the Squirrels Instead of the Birds?

Mr. Squirrel is eating all my bird food!
Source:  sgbrown

I love to watch the birds at my house.  I have a bird feeder hanging from a tree right outside my living room window.  I love watching the different birds that come to the feeder, but I also have some other visitors to my bird feeder, squirrels.  I like squirrels and I enjoy watching them, they can be quite comical sometimes, but I don't like watching them eat all the sunflower seeds out of my bird feeder. 

The squirrels would run up the tree and climb down the chain or just jump from the tree over to the bird feeder. We tried everything we could think of to keep the squirrels off the bird feeder. I needed to find some way to squirrel proof my bird feeder.  Read more here...

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  1. Awww! My problem is the other way. I like squirrels better than birds. :) Great solution though! I will definitely pass your hub on to some people I know who are having their bird feeders robbed by squirrels!

    1. Hi Jayme! I like watching the squirrels too, just not on my bird feeder. I usually have plenty of scraps that I put out for the squirrels and they like to hang out under the bird feeder and find the seeds that have fallen. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate you passing this on too! Have a wonderful day! :)