Thursday, April 2, 2015

It is a Beautiful Spring Morning!

Two Tom Turkey
Good morning on this beautiful day of April 2nd! It is a beautiful spring morning here in southern Oklahoma this morning! It is partly cloudy with a bit of a cool breeze and the wildlife seem to be really enjoying it!
As I stepped out onto my back porch this morning, the sounds of birds singing were all around me. I could hear cardinals, which are usually the loudest, singing to each other from one tree to another. The chickadees, house wrens and tufted titmice were chiming right in. I could hear two owls calling to each other in the distance. Turkey hens were chattering and the toms were gobbling as they did their little dance trying to impress the ladies.

As I stepped around to look in the back yard, there were turkey everywhere! I saw at least 4 toms and 8 hens. The hens seems to be little impressed by the toms doing their dance for them. They just continued on their way, pecking at seeds and insects on the ground. The toms strutted along behind them continuing to “strut their stuff”.
As I stood there watching them, 2 white tail deer came running around the corner of the tree line. They stopped when they first saw all the turkey, but then proceeded to walk amongst them cautiously. The deer aren’t afraid of the turkey, but they don’t really like getting to close to them. I think all the movement makes them a little nervous.

Turkey Love

I don’t want to make this an X-rated post, but I even got to see some “turkey love” this morning. You can’t really see it in the picture, but there is a turkey hen underneath this tom. I first wondered what was going on when I saw him kicking up a little dirt. Hubby, who is quite a bit taller than I am, could see better and let me know that there was a little love making going on out there. Whoops! I didn’t mean to intrude! 

Photo source:  sgbrown aka Rockcreek Photography
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  1. Just can't beat that Turkey love lol. Great post Sheila, it was nice walking with you guys.

  2. Beautiful birds! We have them up in the mountains but not down here.

    1. If you can over look that ugly head they have, they really are beautiful birds! Thanks for stopping by Mel! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Beautiful birds! We have them up in the mountains but not down here.

  4. Thank you Michael! I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you had a wonderful day!